Taking a break on the pretty and clean island of Koh Kood

Koh Kood Beach

After my last trip to Bangkok, I didn’t want to stay in the crazy Khao San Road area again, but as our bus to the island of Koh Kood left early the next morning, it was the easiest option. In the evening of our arrival in Bangkok, we had dinner at the restaurant of the River View Hotel, which is located at the Chao Phraya river and has a nice roof terrace, that can be reached via a steep spiral staircase. The view can‘t be compared to that of the luxury rooftop bars, but it still is quite nice, the prices are ok and we didn’t need a fancy outfit. I booked the trip to Koh Kood via Boonsiri, which conventiently offers a combined ticket for the bus to Trat, the ferry to the island and the transfer to the accommodation. Except for the fact that my backpack was packed into the wrong minivan when we changed buses (fortunately, I am quite parnoid when it comes to my luggage, so I noticed it), everything worked out fine.

Arriving on Koh Kood, it is easy to spot who stays in one of the beach resorts with great names like Tinkerbell’s or Neverland and who lives in a cheap guesthouse in the jungle – like us, of course. Our wooden bungalow in Eve’s House was quite simple. A mattress and a mini-bathroom – as there were quite big gaps between the walls and the roof, we were happy about the mosquito net. The people in the guesthouse were super nice – our bungalow neighbors showed us the directions to the next beach and so we rented a scooter and watched the sunset at the first dream beach. It didn’t take long until we decided that instead of stopping at the touristy island of Koh Chang on the way to Cambodia, we’d rather spend another night on Koh Kood. Compared to other islands, Koh Kood has very little going on – many people like to stay in their fancy resorts, as there aren’t many other options to get from one place to another than by scooter. There are a few paved “main roads”, other than that there are only bumpy mud roads, where you might also meet some monkey famillies. Anyway, I was glad that Paul took over the driving part.

In the evening, we had food and drinks at the guesthouse or next doors and exchanged travel stories with other guests, but at about 11 pm lights went out there as well. Anyway we were exhausted from traveling and in the first night in the jungle we slept better than in a long time. On the next two days we spent more time on dreamy beaches. The south of the island was even quieter and even if part of a beach belonged to a resort, the rest of the beach was usually completely free and shady trees made the midday heat bearable. On day 2, we visited the Khlong Chao waterfall, which has a large natural pool to swim or swing in with a rope. The water is full of cleaning fish, which treat cornea-afflicted feet for free. At the end of each beach day there was an almost cheesy sunset with even more kitschy beach swings. For the last day, when it surprisingly rained a bit, I booked a snorkeling trip at BB Divers. At the 3 dive stops I saw a lot of colorful big and small fish and luckily didn’t get stung by any sea urchin. However, when I arrived back at the guesthouse that afternoon and saw my back in the mirror, I learned that I should apply sunscreen even in that grey weather.

Another thing I really liked about Koh Kood is that it’s extremely clean – there’s hardly any litter on the beaches or next to the road, and in many places there are different bins to separate it. Furthermore, every Saturday volunteers meet to collect trash with the organization Trash Hero – the organization also provides free water dispensers in many places (e.g. in our guesthouse) and BB Divers also took bags with them to collect trash during a dive. We had already collected trash in a bag we brought along on the way of our hike in Myanmar and we will definitely continue to follow the good example of the people on Koh Kood, so that we make our contribution to ensure that such dreamy destinations remain that beautiful.

Like in Myanmar we were a bit sad to leave Koh Kood, but we were also very curious what will expect us in Cambodia or already on the infamous land way there. Soon more on this adventure. 🙂

Greetings from Siem Reap,

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